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Are you tired of struggling with System Nightmares? 

Ready to start growing your business, but spending to much time with Basic, repetitive tasks, or worse loosing Leads 

Let us show you the way! We specializes in helping start-ups and small businesses conquer their System challenges, from new systems that grow with your vision to helping you tame your current ones.

We cover everything from implementations, websites, Automations through to cybersecurity, project management, and Training. 

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About us

Why WildTech Solutions?

We understand the challenges that come with running a small business. You’re juggling a million different tasks and trying to keep everything running smoothly. When your business systems aren’t working right, it can feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle.

We have spent years working closely with Startups and small businesses, taking care of the background systems and helping our Clients find the perfect solutions to free up their time and save them money. We are extremally passionate about Technology and People. 

Having worked on both sides of Tech & Business, we understand what it takes to make it all come together and empower you to not only have full control of your systems, but for them to run seamlessly in the background.

We have worked on large scale business system overhauls, all the way down to Startup’s Process mapping to help companies know daily tasks and roles for all team members, building systems around this, keeping it as simple and possible and delivering the results no matter the budget.

We know that true success comes from collaboration, and that is where we will always offer the best Solution for you, not to just sell you services you never needed.  

How can we help?

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How Can We Help?

Your business deserves a partner that understands the challenges of navigating the digital jungle.​

Just starting your journey or struggling to begin scaling? Let us help you get ahead right from the beginning with out WildPack Business Kickstarter. Let us handle everything to setup your systems right at the beginning ready for growth! 

The Core of what we offer is our own unique Sales and Marketing CRM, WildGrowth. Our All-in-one solution for simplifying almost everything. The key focus of WildGrowth is to reduce the number of subscriptions you have, replacing systems that don’t talk to each other for a quarter of the cost. 

Website Hosting, Sales Funnels, Marketing Newsletters, Calendar booking, sales funnels, your own Learning portal for you Coaching or internal training videos and even Form & survey builders, all unlocked with no hidden costs, and unlimited use, not limits on how many forms, or funnels. These are just a few of what we are able to offer all in one place, that is extremely easy to use! 

We also Specialize in helping you find solutions unique to your business, cutting through all of the Tech Talk and Sales Fluff to find the answer to the real question “Is this the right for me” and helping you setup and operate the these systems in your business. 

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Never let anything fall between the cracks, get forgotten or a Lead never followed up on, a CRM keeps track of all people and processes in your business. The mark of a great CRM is able to handle many ways to capture and nurture leads, handling the sales process and even going as far as Streamlining the onboarding or product delivery.  

We would still suggest it, Our core value here at WildTech is Honesty and Value, we will always suggest the bet fit for your business as your success is our goal, not to do a quick sale. 

Our core goal is empowering you, the business owners to have complete control of their Systems, with our WildPack, we register everything in your name, with all ownership yours.

If your business relies on technology to operate, then IT consulting services may be beneficial. Consulting services can help identify areas of improvement and optimization, ensure that your systems are running smoothly and securely, and help you stay up-to-date with the latest technology trends.

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